Culture Alignment

There is universal agreement that organizational culture exists, and that it plays a crucial role in shaping behavior and organizational attitudes.

Peter Drucker famously said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. However, most business professionals would be hard pressed to reach a consensus on what organizational culture actually is.

To address this challenge, Kemlot consultants use validated and industry-tested culture assessments to give leaders insight on issues impacting their culture.

Clients leverage culture assessments to:

  • Assess employee attitudes, motivations, and stress and wellness levels
  • Make the case the culture change and organizational improvement
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of change and organizational development initiatives
  • Empower employees and teammates to create a  shared vision of the ideal behaviors, attitudes, goals and “ways of doing”

Why Kemlot?

Uncovering the insights of your culture through data collection is only the first step. To realize or sustain change it is important to take action. Our consultants partner with leadership to implement vital changes.

Our action plan provides you with recommended first steps to realize quick wins and an explanation as to why an areas was recommended.

As you progress through your action plan, managers and team leads can track progress, ensuring they know exactly where they and necessary steps yet to complete.

Depending on the size of the engagement, clients can expect a follow-up assessment to gauge employee attitudes of your culture change initiative.

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