Performance Management

Who you attract, hire and develop is one of the biggest factors in predicting company success.

Research shows that companies, around the world, spend more than $40 Billion a year on leadership and talent develop initiatives but realize a limited return on investment.

Another study from Harvard Business Review reveals that 80% of employee turnover is a direct result of poor hiring practices.

In addition to time lost, the cost of replacing that single employee will cost you two and a half times that person’s salary. To quantify, one poor hiring decision of a candidate earning $100,000 per year could cost, on average, $250,000!

The Kemlot Approach

At Kemlot, we know it’s not People Operations or Human Resources’ responsibility alone to build great teams. Implementing the right people strategy requires a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Our consultants partner with you to identify mission critical positions and design people strategies to find the best talent. Once on-board, we provide training and development programs linked tightly to your strategy to increase the retention rate of the talent you fought so hard to attract. Tightly integrated to your strategy, your people can be an engine for growth, innovation and sustainability.

Clients ranging from small, single product firms to Fortune 100 firms, family-controlled business to high-growth startups rely on our people operations solutions to consistently outperform competitors.

The Kemlot Approach focuses on:

  • Ensuring your team and leaders have the mission-critical skills and capabilities to drive impact and create value.
  • Evaluating the ROI of your job matching systems to ensure you see improved retention and business performance
  • Maintaining, and in some cases creating, a strong pipeline of talent to drive strategic objectives
  • Leveraging the latest behavioral assessments and research on knowledge skills, abilities to create a complete picture of an individual’s leadership potential and preparation for successful career progression

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