Transition & Post-Career

Technological advances in healthcare combined with shifting demographics are disrupting the conceptual understanding of the career path and retirement.

In 2018, late career professionals are bucking the concept of retirement as “the end of something”. Within the next few years, the percentage of workers over 55 within the workforce is predicted to grow over 20%. However, many late career professionals are seeking resources to help them navigate the next phase of their career the right way. Have you found yourself contemplating the following:

  • Will I have enough money to last in my retirement?
  • What passions have I abandoned but can now pursue?
  • How should I navigate my next chapter?

Until now, most retirement “trainings” and post-retirement employment strategies emphasized financial literacy while neglecting the true underpinnings of post-career satisfaction. According to the self-reflection on transtion success of 100 late-career professionals, financial standing is not the only metric to their secondary career achievement.

As an experienced professional entering your next chapter, you may have contemplated your “Third Phase” but have yet to make the first step. Now you finally have time to reflect on your true purpose and passion.  Our transition program is designed to redefine retirement, rediscover your true passions, and help you navigate through your next chapter.

The Kemlot Approach combines that latest in transitions thought leadership to help next chapter seekers:

  • Make those key decisions about their future
  • Take stock of the retirement process
  • Decide what things to take from their previous life into your new life
  • Decide what is most important to them and explore all the options available
  • Create balance in their retirement between the different areas of their life (be it work, family, leisure, and recreation)
  • Learn how to remain flexible and open to new challenges
  • Identify gaps in their retirement planning and set new priorities/ objectives as they move forward
  • Have the retirement they want and not the one others may want them to have

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