Charles Nunnally, MA – Human Capital Consultant

Charles Nunnally, MA Senior Management Consultant

Before founding Kemlot Consulting, Charles leveraged his deep Project Management expertise in successive roles with increasing responsibilities in Professional Service firms. He was responsible for assessing leaders and co-designing leadership workshops and training events to address organization-specific issues related to conflict resolution, low functioning teams, change management issues, leadership development, and strategic planning. As a Project Consultant, he managed small teams of graduate level students and drove project delivery. His experience in Organizational Development, Project Management, and Management Consulting resulted in opportunities to bring his insights to firms in the real estate, health care, construction design, information services, professional services, retail and nonprofit sectors.

As a Consultant, Charles leverages Business and Psychology insights which enable clients to utilize the full potential of their Human Capital. Dynamic ventures in high growth industries, task Charles with facilitating team-building sessions and designing consulting packages that attract, retain and develop talent, build diverse and innovative cultures and grow sales and revenue.

Charles has a bachelor’s from Creighton University in Psychology with a concentration in Studio Art and Design and has a Masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. His research interest include Entrepreneurial Leadership and Human Capital Development.


Ylenia Ossola, PhD. – Human Capital Consultant

Ylenia Ossola, PhD. – Senior Management Consultant

Award winning, well rounded business and I/O psychology professional with practical understanding of organizational and leadership dynamics. Over 7 years of international and national experienced in diversity, training, change management, recruiting and selection, leadership development, assessment and process application. Ylenia has an extensive business and marketing background , and is a passionate diversity advocate and researcher, with multi-lingual knowledge: English, Italian, and French.

Ylenia is a highly driven foreign national who relocated from Italy to the United States to complete a PhD in Business Psychology and pursue her growing desire to help organization and people achieve their top potential. Throughout her doctoral education, Ylenia took a deep interest in exploring the well-being of retirement-aged individuals, specifically researching the factors that enable them to remain successful in the modern workplace. With a M.A. in Marketing and one in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and years of experience building business and brand images, Ylenia is uniquely posed to develop a sustainable and appealing start up operation.

With a love of psychological assessments (and a high “Conscientiousness” DiSC profile to boot!), Ylenia possesses an expansive breadth of knowledge that enables her to help others use empirically-backed strategies for identifying and changing behaviors in order to live happier and healthier lives.